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At our WINERIES – Taste the fruit of our vineyards. From Tennessee’s fertile, rolling hills, winemakers have mastered the ancient art of growing grapes. The result is wine-making at its best. Don’t be surprised by the variety and quality of Tennessee’s wines, from sparkling champagnes to deep red merlots. For champagnes & white wines, tour and taste at Bean’s Creek Winery in Mancheter, TN. For a variety of red and white visit our new Lynchburg Winery on the square in Lynchburg. If red is your weakness, head to Picker’s Creek Winery in Lewisburg. Stop by Grinder’s Switch Winery in Centerville for the relaxed country atmosphere. At Natchez Trace Winery in Hampshire, where you’ll find dry, sweet, red and white wines. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon of wine tasting in the beautiful mountaintop setting of Amber Falls Winery and Keg Springs Winery both in the hills of Hampshire, TN where you’ll find traditional reds abd whites as well as sweet fruit wines. If looking for sweet or even homemade honey visit Lexington Vineyard in Lynnville, TN.

Jack Daniels Distillery No 7

Enjoy our DISTILLERIES – Tennessee’s distilleries are as much a part of our rich history as natural beauty, great music and can-do attitude, with distilleries dating back to the 1800s. Since then, new distilleries have been popping up all over the state. Tennessee is internationally famous for sippin’ whiskeys from Jack Daniel and George Dickel. Did you know we have a well-known rum distillery as well? Take a tour of Prichard’s Distillery in Kelso, where fine whiskey and flavored rums are made. New to Lynnville, TennSouth Distillery try their hand-made small batches with unique flavors.

    Lynchburg Winery

    34 Hiles St, Lynchburg, TN

    The Lynchburg Winery is located in beautiful and historic Lynchburg, Tennessee.  Two families are both grape growers and winemakers.  You have the unique opportunity to taste some of the sweet southern style handcrafted wines, as well as traditional dry and semi-sweet varieties.  $5 Tasting and receive souvenir wine glass. Open Daily. Large Gift Shop.

    Natchez Hills Vineyard

    109 Overhead Bridge Rd, Hampshire, TN

    Natchez Hills Winery is located South of Nashville near Natchez Trace Parkway; created old-world, handcrafted, small batch wines using traditional winemaking techniques.  $6 for tastings Open Wednesday – Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm. Beautiful outdoor seating and perfect wedding venue with bridal suite.   931-285-2500.

    Pickers Creek Winery

    1986 New Columbia Hwy, Lewisburg, Tennessee

    The vision of Pickers Creek Winery is a combination of things that makes life more enjoyable – family, great music, art and wine.  They built a venue for tasting delicious wines while showcasing Lydia’s mosaics and paintings along with other local artist in gift shop.

    Live music on the weekends, great outdoor sitting areas, beautiful farm and more.  Open Fri – Sun 

    Prichard’s Distillery

    11 Kelso Smithland Rd, Kelso, Tennessee

    Prichard’s Distillery set out to hand craft spirits in a traditional copper pot stills like those of colonial America some 200 years ago.  Come take a Free Tour and Tasting of Rums, Whiskey’s, Liqueurs, Vodkas, Moonshine and Brandy.

    11 Kelso Smithland Rd, Kelso. Hand-crafted American Spirits since 1997. Free Tours Mon-Sat. 931-433-5454

    Southern Pride Distillery

    108 Smith Mill Rd, Fayetteville, Tennessee, 37334

    Southern Pride Distillery located in Fayetteville, Tennessee uses locally grown corn milled at the distillery and water comes from a natural spring on the property. Products offered are the highest quality to keep the family proud. Our skilled craftsmen take both pride in their work and the end results, true to family.  Products include Tennessee Whiskey, White Whiskey, Peach Whiskey, Double Barrel Whiskey and Cinnamon Whiskey.

    108 Smith Mill Rd, Fayetteville. Hand Crafted Moonshine Open Mon-Sat. Free Tasting & Tours. 931-433-9137

    Tenn South Distillery

    1800 Abernathy Rd, Lynnville, TN

    Tenn South Distillery is located in Lynnville, Tennessee.  Offers free facility tours with tastings to follow on Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Free Tastings available anytime between 9 am – 5 pm.  Great gift shop with merchandise, mixers and plenty of alcohol to purchase. 931-527-0027 

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