Trail Partners

In addition to earning points toward your GeoTour rewards by visiting the geocaches placed to form the Jack GeoTour, you can also earn “extra points” by visiting GeoTrail Partner locations.

For example, while visiting one of the towns along the trail you will receive one point for each Jack Trail Geotour geocache that you find and log, while recording the code word in your passport, two points for each meal purchased from a GeoTour Meal Partner and three points for each night stayed with a GeoTour Lodging Partner. Our Trail Partners have been instrumental in making the Jack Trail GeoTour possible and we know you will enjoy hospitality while out geocaching along the Jack Trail.

Each trail partner has a corresponding geocache at their location with a code word, in order to receive credit for meals purchased or nights stayed with one of our Trail Partners, fill their name in the appropriate spot in your passport and have an employee sign the passport. It’s as easy as that to earn extra credit toward your completed passport.